26 08 2004

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Well, Interpretation’s going to keep me really really busy! But I’m excited about it too. It’s just so nerve racking when you’re supposed to be interpreting something and you can’t understand one sign and it throws you completely off! Grrrr….

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First day of work at the coffee shop tonight. Definitely have some bugs to work out, but nothing serious. It was pretty slow, but that was probably because it was 11-12. We didn’t get done cleaning up till 1. And then I was locked off my floor because I forgot to take my keys so I sat around waiting for security and read the Inferno. I read the chapter about the souls of the Carnal- basically those who’s sins were those of sexual passion. Very interesting chapter. I was kind of expecting more out of the book as far as talking about why certain things were sinful. I can’t say that I agree much with his theology. I can’t imagine people left out of Heaven just because they died before God sent Jesus. I really like the image of God as a woman, not that I think God has a gender (which is exactly the point) but if I had to chose one gender I like female. Probably partly because I’m one, but also because of the mothering instinct and because women are just such beautiful creatures. Ok, yes I’m being really random right now, but that’s because it’s 2:30 in the morning. Ugggg…. This is a big problem with me, staying up way too late. I just function better at night. Small group was good tonight. I really enjoy getting together with a group that’s so mixed as far as ages. We have a couple and a single woman who are in their 60’s, a couple in their early 50’s….maybe late 40’s, a single guy mid-30’s, and a couple late 20’s. Well, my conversation with Joel is wrapping up…..it’s now 2:40….so I think I’m going to end this. Good night, pleasant dreams, bien noche.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The Hands of Believers

With hand on head we bless,

With hand on foot we serve.

With hands and arms around each other we comfort,

With hand on shoulder we pray to our living Savior.

With hand held open we offer peace to a broken world.

With hand in hand we join together as one body.

With hands lifted high we praise our God.

In this way, the blessings of Christ

Flow through our community.

~Stephanie Anne H********

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