More on me

I’m young and emotional.  I believe in the power of self expression and the need of every human being to know and be known.  I love deeply, unabashedly, and at times stupidly.  I’m a bit over the top, but that’s not my intention.  I’ve broken someone’s heart and I’ve had my heart broken.  I know what real lose feels like.  I believe in empathy.  I believe that it’s ok to be angry and bitter sometimes.  I believe it’s better to move forward and take joy in life.

Places that are near and dear to my heart:
Goshen, IN
Macha, Zambia
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Raymond, WA
Salem, OR
McMinnville, OR
Chengdu, China
Cheng Chau, Hong Kong
Evanston, IL

Other things I love:
musical theater
long talks with good friends
lying in front of a sunny window
folk music
the woods
a well crafted cocktail
the etymology of languages


2 responses

27 04 2007


I’d love to interview you. The next two weeks are a little crazy, but I’ll get to you. Can you send your e-mail address?

18 05 2007
The Ace Of Spades

Goshen eh? Can’t remember where exactly that’s at but I do know I’ve been either there or through it. (Seen the exit for it on the freeway at least.) I actually live in an offshoot suburb of Indianapolis on the westside. 🙂 Also I like your views and beliefs from what I can tell of them from here.

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