31 08 2004

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I need your guy’s opinion! I’m considering submitting a poem to Broadside (a small publication of poems and short stories Goshen College puts out every year). I’m just skeptical that I have anything worth submitting ……sooo…..I’m going to put up a few that I might consider and would love feedback and opinions. Your advice would be greatly greatly appreciated.

The Fallen Bird

They find the bird under a tree.

It’s nest lofting somewhere above, unreachable.

They encounter an entity rarely found,

a being so obviously more helpless than themselves

It sits idle, unsure, it’s underdeveloped wings still

folding them, along with it’s fear, inward like a shield

They are drawn to it, it’s vulnerability

The handle it, pet it, search for it’s mommy

concepts of love & caring unconsciously learned from their parents

drive them continually back to it despite other distractions

Their vigilant watch does not see

that it grows slowly weaker from their care


These are my masques,

Beautiful in royals, wines, and gold.

I love to show them to the world;

Preen as they smile and exclaim.

But they are built of lies and dust.

They are false and confining.

They rob me of my spirit.

But hiding behind them

Has been one of my longest lessons.

See this one with it’s apparent strength?

Touch it and it will crumble away.

See this one with it’s diamond studded glory?

It will tarnish with the slightest provocation.

But when I stand on this stage,

They are expected of me.

And accepted more readily than the truth.

Here they are, all of them,

I shall place them at your feet,

As I stand before you masqueless.

Night Song

I heard a bird sing.

It’s song was out of place

Winging through the dead of night.

I thought of my dreams,

Lost in this wasteland

Limping through the desolation.

Teach my dreams to fly, singing.

Rendered by their own charisma

As the day bird sings in the darkness.

My Fear

The house, the fence, the sky,

they all look the same color;

the slate gray of cynicism.

My face lies dead pan, staring.

When did my eyes turn cold?

Fear will turn me into a cynic,

fear of pain and unfulfilled dreams.

I want to end this poem with hope.

After all, I’m the eternal optimist.

But will I let myself?

Can I will this darkness to cease?

Trusting people is what I do,

but trust broken leads to doubt

and doubt begins the cycle once more.

Visions of Enchantment

A shaded glen, grass like emerald snow;

Colours that would ravage a waking eye.

Trees like statues, water roaring down silently.

Quietly, quietly flowers grow in ruby shades of blood.

The stars glisten as sunbeams slice down.

Slowly I enter, padding through searing beauty.

Nymph I am, or unfaithful Guenevere;

Some creature bound in fairydust or folklore,

Coming in search of my long forgotten destiny.

I dance so that I do not tremble.

Love waits for me in this place of daydream.

Daymares lurk in the shadows to whisper “star-crossed”.

But winged creatures tread the quaking ground.

A lion appears with fierce eyes and a gentle voice

I climb on his back and tumble back home.

Ok, so there are several…. I just don’t know what people would like (if anything!) I can’t be objective about them because they are all tied to strong memories and emotions, but that doesn’t mean I successfully conveyed that emotion to the reader. If you find yourself unable to post a comment on this site (I’ve heard there are some issues with that) than you can e-mail me at stephanieanne@gmail.com. I could use any help I can get.

P.S. if you don’t think any of them are print quality, I want to know that too!
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I can’t believe how busy I am already! It was like all my profs decided that the first day of classes would be a good time to give a butt load of work all at once. Plus working way too many hours for the coffee shop… this week I’m scheduled for 12 hours, and that doesn’t include the 3 hours I work for admissions. Oh, and did I mention that I’m also giving a tour tomorrow? Yeah…. I’m not very good at not overcommitting. And…… I just signed up to take a swing dance class at New World (a small community center for the arts in town that has strong ties to the college). So much for not over-involving myself. The excitement of my week?…..being able to communicate the idea of “exploring the commonality in humanity” in ASL…. let me tell you, I was really excited. Life isn’t very enjoyable when you’re tired all the time. And I’m discovering that unless a concerted effort is made, things of faith are not attended to on a regular basis. All in a day of the life of Stephanie!

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Fondue was great! I had a good birthday. The hymn sing today was amazing (Assembly’s always are!) But now I’m tired and the room’s a mess (already) and I have a ton of homework and…….. But I’m back in the fast lane and loving it. But Jenn still hasn’t written my back even though I wrote her again….. I’m really concerned! Wow, I know you alls really wanted to know about that Ehhh…. it’s my blog, I can cry if I want to. Have a good week everyone.

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Friday, August 27, 2004

I think I’m really going to like this job! We had maybe….6 or 7 customers from 9-11, which I don’t like for the coffee shop’s sake, but ment I got alot of reading done. Definitely a plus. And I like making coffee it’s fun. Especially blended iced mochas…ummm. And our chai recipe is one of the best I’ve ever tasted and that’s saying alot because I love chai and have tasted it in alot of places especially in Oregon where it’s really popular. I’m making Fondue tonight Yippee. I think it’s one of my favorite meals to make, it’s just really easy to screw up, which I’ve done my fair share of. I’m kind of getting sick of seeing torn up ground around campus, but that’s the price you pay for progress I guess. We really do have a beautiful campus. Have a great day every one

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Bad experience in the coffee shop tonight, has to do with a big headed guy with attitude not holding to the unspoken rules of employee conduct and my hot head…… But pie night with the TSC (Third Culture Students) club was nice and enjoyable. I feel really bad about what happened in the coffee shop….. dang it! I’ll explain later.

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