15 03 2009

There’s nothing like a back injury to remind you how easily your body can break down.  On Thursday one of my thoracic vertebra slipped out of place.  It put enough pressure on my spinal nerves to cause numbness in my limbs, nausea, and difficulty focusing.  My dad (a doctor) was able to readjust it back into place, but it slipped out again in a couple hours and my dad had to adjust it again.  The pain in my back the last couple days has increased during the day from moderate to severe.  It’s hard to want to to do anything, and there’s so much I find I can’t do, or have difficulty doing.  I have to sleep on my back which is something I would normally never do so I’m not sleeping well either.

It’s been a wake up call that I need to address my back health issues.  I’ve had lumbar slips before that are painful and frustrating, but nothing like this.  My dad repeatedly tells me to exercise my back so that the muscles are strong enough to keep my spine in place, but I haven’t taken the time.  That needs to change.

I have call backs today for Taming.  The audition yesterday was my worst audition ever, so hopefully I can redeem myself today.




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18 03 2009

Wow Steph, that’s awful! I’m sorry! I’ve never had a slipped disk but I’ve had similar neck problems and I really feel for you! How is that affecting work and theater?

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