All moved in… sort of.

8 03 2009

As some of you know, Mike and I just moved.  We moved across town and are now living with a friend of ours in his sizable house.  We we’ve been out of the old place for a week now, but we’re still not anywhere near settled in the new place.  Now while I realize that this perfectly normal, it’s still irksome.  But Mike and I both lead pretty busy lives, so it’s kind of been an hour here and an hour there trying to get things organized.  I have to keep reminding myself that Mike should have just as much say in where things go, and how things are decorated.  I have a tendancy to know what I want and assume that it the “right” way.

Also, I should be handing over the Assembly job in the next couple weeks!  I’m so excited.

Things to do:
meet with Elise to find a time for the musical I want to do this summer and work on getting the rights… or at least a quote for the rights
start putting together costumes for the next NWA show
prepare monologue for Taming of the Shrew
finish unpacking
take care of all the stuff in my trunk that belongs to other people, needs to go to the dry cleaner, or goodwill
go to the DMV
and… about a million other things




One response

21 03 2009

Good hear about all these changes! Sad to hear about your back…I hope it is improving.
And, just curious…who will be taking over your position at Assembly?

Also, I am really missing NWA! I know there are theaters like that to be found in Denver, but haven’t made the search. I sure miss having a readily available source of awesome theatre. 🙂

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