The good things

12 12 2005

So I promised a post about the good things. First of all, there are so many exciting things going on with my family, it’s almost hard to believe! I haven’t lived near any of my siblings since I was 13 and then it was only for a few months, and before that I hadn’t lived near any of them since I was 9 or 10. I love them dearly, I just don’t know them very well. But NOW! I have both sisters close by, and Karis, Matt and the kids are really close. I’m so excited that I get to see them more often, and Lenora and Karis and I can do more things like what we did last wednesday when we all went out to lunch together. I love the opportunity to get to know all of them better, especially Jenica, Winston, Maria and Nathan. It’ll be a treat to be involved in their day to day lives. Oh, and then there’s the fact that Lenora’s pregnant, so there’s going to be a baby in the family soon, and that Andre’ is getting married to a wonderful woman named Dancy who I already like alot. She sent me the sweetest email when Jesse broke off the engagement.

Speaking of spending time with the kids, another wonderful thing that’s happened since I got back was when I took Maria to see “The Nutcracker” in South Bend. It was Mom and Dad’s Christmas present for her, but Mom found out she couldn’t go, so she sent me. It was so fun, and afterward we went to the South Bend Chocolate Company for hot chocolate and cookies. Yum.

Another blessing happened early in the week, when I went to see Barb (Jesse’s mom) in her office (she works at the college, and I actually knew her fairly well before I started dating Jesse because she was my direct supervisor at admissions). We talked for a while, and then in the evening I stopped by their house to drop off something I got for them in China, and they were sitting down to dinner, and asked me to join them. It was wonderful to be able to talk to them about China like I would have if Jesse and I were still together. I care about Barb and John alot, and really enjoyed getting to know them. I’m sad that I won’t be able to have as close of a relationship with them now, but there was some healing of that wound when I was able to spend time with them, and it was clear that they still care about me. Not that I thought they didn’t, it was just nice to see it. So that’s definitely a highlight.

So is seeing all the friends I’ve missed so much…Katie, Becca, Miriam, Crystal, Fallon, Will, Luke. It’s also been a blessing to see people I care about from church… Mary and Glenn Gilbert, Sue and J.R. Burkholder, Joy Buschert (all members of my small group), Mary Holsopple (my mentor), and Miriah Hurst who was a senior at Goshen when I was a freshman, and has been in Australia for the past few years, but came back to go to AMBS (Associate Mennonite Biblical Seminary for all you non-menno’s out there) I’ve been so warmly welcomed, and that has meant alot.

On Friday, a group of friends and I went down to Indy to see an exhibit of things that were used in the making of The Lord of the Rings. It was pretty cool, especially being able to see the costumes and jewelry. Then we went to this really fun family style dining Italian restaurant that had really good food and an enjoyable ambiance. It was great to be out with friends.

Sooo… there have been many many blessings to help temper the pain of the last week, and now that things have calmed down, I’m starting to be able to relax and really focus on moving on.




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