Random thoughts because I can’t focus

24 09 2009

Music:  Don’t Take My Sunshine Away by Sparklehorse

The above song is a prime example of music that I’ve never heard before that somehow just appeared on my computer and I have NO IDEA how it got there.  Weird.

I’m having Indian food tomorrow!

I think I’m going to ask to stay on nights even when Kim comes back from maternity leave.  I think I have the seniority to pull that string

Dollhouse starts again on Friday and I’m super excited

I’m listening to Spice Girls’ Wannabe 😀

I finished season 2 of Veronica Mars and now I have to figure out a way to get ahold of season 3.

I miss being a nanny.

Music snobs annoy me.  Especially those that put down “feel good” music.

My favorite part of the relief sale is seeing all these awesome menno people together in one place.  Definitely warm fuzzy inducing.

I have a celebrity crush on Mac from Veronica Mars.


My supervisor just came in to talk to me.  Kim’s coming back on the 10th… and they want to put me on days with a number of different clients.  So now I have to decide how strongly I want to put my foot down.  One instinct is to do what the company wants me to do.  But I think I need to do what’s best for me.  Sigh.




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24 09 2009

DOLLHOUSE, I finally got in on that one just in time to catch season 2, and of course just in time to stay up way past my bedtime (two nights in a row) catching up on season 1. Such an amazing show!

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