A goal

8 04 2008

I always have lots of goals:  drink more water, spend less money, exercise more…

however I rarely actually set myself quantifiable goals.  I inevitably fail them when I do, and the guilt and let down of failing inhibits me from trying to continue.  I do better at achieving my goals if I just keep them as vague desires in the back of my head.  More of a “I’ll try and do this more”

I’m making an exception though, and that’s this blog.  I’m guessing many had given up on my posting on a regular basis long ago. I truly do miss the experience of expressing myself in this fashion.  I can’t put my finger on what exactly has been inhibiting me.  Yes, I’m busy, and often lack energy, but that’s not the only thing.  I think I’m a bit daunted by all the posts that I haven’t written.  All the things that I’ve thought “I should post about this” and never did.  So here goes.  I’m going to write something everyday that I have access to the internet for the next 2 weeks.  Maybe that’ll clear the air enough that I can start using this as a medium of self expression and a way for friends to keep up with me again.  I think it’s especially important now that I’m not living with the Evanston girls.  Not only will this allow them to still know my day to days which is so important to keeping up friendships, but I’m finding I don’t have as many outlets for my thoughts.  I share with Mike, but it’s different.  And there’s only one Mike.  I used to have 3 very close confidants at my fingertips.




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8 04 2008

yeah for more steph blogging and I think your idea of small attainable goals is a good one, maybe I will try to find something similar to do too for the next two weeks.

9 04 2008


Thanks for the introspective on blogging…it can be hard when you get out of the habit, and it only takes one day to get out of the habit. And then so many things happen that you can’t possibly write about them all but you want to so you have to wait until there’s a nice long afternoon when you can. And of course that never happens.

Or, nothing happens. So you don’t write.

9 04 2008

I think it was a bit of both. Sometimes it felt like I had nothing to say and sometime it felt like I had too much. Either way it was discouraging.

9 04 2008

Yeah, it’d be nice if there were 3 of me. I’d probably get more done 🙂

Good to know this is a goal of yours. I’ll do my part to keep you accountable.

10 04 2008
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