Glorious day

30 06 2006

Music: Porcelain by Moby

Today was good. The only bad part of it was being sick, but in alot of ways, my sickness enabled the goodness (I didn’t work at Hacienda like planned because who wants a server who sounds like a frog and can barely make herself heard if there’s background noise?) I had my internship in the morning, the only good thing of which was the fact that it was the last day. Then Mike called and asked if I’d be interested in meeting him somewhere for lunch. As if he has to ask! So then I whisked off to San Marcos where I had a delicious chicken quesadilla, charming company, and ran into Nancy N. and Barb (Jesse’s mom). I walked over to the Bluegill to pick up tips and my check ( 17.00! woo hoo) and saw Dan over at the brew so stopped by to say hi and pick up a iced latte. Then I headed home and called Abby’s on the way to see if she was done with her operation, and found out that I could be helpful by picking up a couple prescriptions. After a little bit at Abby’s I went and picked up Becca and a pint of ritters before heading back to Abby’s for a game of Tichu and some laughs at Abby’s lisp and her inability to feed herself because of the anesthesia in her mouth. Mike and I saw “Cars” after that. Cute movie. Then home for a bit before I got a call that Erini was in town, so she, Megan and I went to Constant Spring. Oh and before we went I helped Meg buy tickets to Seattle so she can visit her boyfriend. So cute!!!! I love that kind of stuff, and if I can be an enabler for it happening then all the better! All in all a fabulous day! Full of the people I love and happy thoughts. Topped off by an e-mail and a blog post by the lovely Katia 😉




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