Going, going, going

27 01 2006

Music: The Globe, Goshen’s radio station

This week has been busy! And the weekend is going to busy too, lots of homework, taking Winston shoe shopping for the wedding (which reminds me, I still need to figure out what I’m going to wear), working at the Bluegill friday and saturday nights, a violin lesson, and the play on Sunday.
I got a solo in choir, but I’m not sure I’m going to get to keep it because I found out that I’ll be coming home from Cali when the dress rehersal is taking place…. sadness. Deb said some very encouraging things though when she gave me the solo, she commplimented me on my tone and pitch. 😀
I’ve been stuggling to keep up with all the reading for all my classes. I definitely fell behind at the end of this week. I hate not feeling prepared for class. I’ve also been staying up pretty late, sometimes just so that I have some “me” time when I’m not studying, working, or running around to take care of this or that. I have several things looming over my head… the solo for Andre’s wedding, and the ASL part for “We Are” for the concert on the 14th. Ekkk!
It’s been a hard week emotionally. I’m not getting enough sleep, and am having a hard time getting everything done which makes me feel inadaquate. That and things are still hard with moving on. I’m sort of counting down the months till I’m not on campus anymore with all it’s reminders, and the fact that I see him etc. Whatever.




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