A single red rose

4 11 2005

Music: Pretender got my heart by Alisha’s Attic

Tonight was about letting go. I toasted to singlehood. I went clubbing for the first time and drank the most I ever have before (which was enough to make me tipsy, but no more). 9 of the SST girls went out to Bobi’s with our dance instructor. She’s amazing. Beautiful, outgoing, but in a very sweet way, and wonderfully giving. She also speaks or understands possibly 20 english words, so one of the best parts of the evening was all of us aiding each other in communicating to her and her us. It’s amazing what you can say with limited vocab and gestures. On the way back from the bathroom, I ran into some kids selling roses and bought one for each of us πŸ™‚ I love girl’s night out! Dancing with 9 beautiful women in China might be the hight of my clubbing experience….. but then again, I think we’re going to go out again with a mixed group, and who knows, it could get better πŸ˜€




One response

5 11 2005

It sounds like an awesome time…I’m glad you girls are having lots of fun! Keep up the par-tay-ing πŸ˜€

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