Cookies, Small group, and Swing dancing

7 10 2004

Music: The Prayer by Charlotte Church and Josh Gorban…………umm…I love this song. Some day I’m going to have it in my wedding.

I made cookies today 🙂 That was soo fun. And I’ve only had one. I really didn’t feel like eating them, I just wanted to make them…..and enjoy other people enjoying them. Last day of swing class 😦 I’ll miss it. It was something I looked forward to each week. And small group got together afterward. Jesse dropped me off and we had trouble finding it….sigh… I hate making people frustrated :`( But I got to love on a few cats!!! I miss Charlie…….. (said in a sad pathetic wistful voice) I’m looking forward to break. Which is weird, because I really haven’t been that busy, well, for me anyways. But I just want to be worry free for one day. Go visit my grandma, do some sewing, more cooking, etc. It’s been more than a month and I haven’t killed any of my plants!!! Aren’t you all proud of me? they even seem to be thriving…. 🙂 Ok, enough, it’s way past my bed time. sigh…. sometimes it’s hard to separate having difficulty in an area of life from being a bad person. I’m just so frickin’ irresponsible sometimes….. ok, alot of times….sigh.

Hehe, this blog has gone from High to Low to High again very quickly. That’s kind of how my life is right now, so I guess it’s fitting. My general feeling is that life is a wonderful ride, more than worth living.




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8 10 2004
Sol(omon) - Dragon Slayer

Nice text painting =)

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