11 06 2009

The first Taming rehearsal where I needed to take blocking notes was tonight. (BTW, I’m stage managing Taming of the Shrew) It was hard to keep up, but I did it, and I’m proud of that!  I’m pretty sure I take good blocking notes too!  I can’t believe how fast we’re trying to put this together!!!

Goodnight 🙂


A break from theater and a new job

16 12 2008

Music: Everyone’s a little bit racist

For the last 6 months, I’ve had a week when I wasn’t in rehearsal (or production) for a play. I’ve really enjoyed it, and have deeply appreciated the way it’s allowed me to get to know people in this community and start developing a social network. But now I’m glad to have my evenings back.

I started working in one of the houses at Goldenrod yesterday. Goldenrod is an organization that works with adults with developmental disabilities. I’m a caregiver there. I’ve been nervous about not being very good at it, but so far so good. I feel a bit like I was thrown in under-prepared, but as long as they don’t mind me making some mistakes, it should be fine.

I’m going to Evanston this weekend! yeah! Awww… I missed blogging.

My new mantra: Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.

Random thoughts on theater

13 01 2008

I’m in Umble watching Mike rehearse for his senior show.  Yesterday I went up to Milwaukee to watch the 10 minute student written plays at ACTF.  Mike’s play was very well received by the audience.  They laughed alot!  It was brilliant.  I think it was the way the actors went over the top with their characters that made it work so well.  I’ve been playing Kate as a more realistic character, and I think I need to approach her as more of a comic character.

The tragically tragic, tragic comedy

26 03 2007

This weekend I went home to see the Goshen spring mainstage, “The Seagull” by Anton Chekhov.  The play was well put together.  The staging, acting, set, and costumes all very well done. But I hated it.  I could blame this on the playwright.  Nothing happens on stage, the play is almost literally all talk.  None of the characters really seem to grow.  I didn’t really care about any of them. There is no happy ending, or lesson to learn.  The whole thing is thoroughly depressing.  The play ends when one of the main characters (my boyfriend) kills himself.  I admit that I probably wouldn’t like this play as much as other types of theater regardless, but I blame my poor theater experience entirely on the audience.

Unfortunately, the audience was small that evening due to a competing Lavender Jazz concert.  A small audience always tends to lack in response, but the bigger problem was that they just didn’t get it.  They tried too hard to care about the characters.  They didn’t see that the character’s lives were so tragic that is was funny.  That when a grown man sulks and whines to his diva mother it is pitifully humorous.  I wanted to laugh and snort and enjoy the irony, but no one else was laughing, or if they were they, like me, were doing it silently.  I don’t think many theater goers understand to what extent they are part of the production.  The audience is probably the element that most effects how a show will play out night to night.  This probably isn’t the case so much in large professional productions, but in small theaters, the audience as a whole gives energy to the cast and affects how each individual audience member receives and responds to the play.  At least that’s my experience.  The audience as a unit is a living, breathing element of the play just as the set and actors themselves are.  You can almost tangibly feel the mood of the audience, and that feeds your own perceptions of what’s occurring on stage.  I wasn’t allowed to laugh at the characters, but was swept into trying to care about them along with the rest of the audience.  So I hated it, because I found I couldn’t truly care and still wanted to laugh and that made me feel heartless.  No one likes to feel heartless.

So, I want to see it again, with a better audience this time.

wikipedia has some good stuff to say about Chekhov’s writing and why it’s hard to like.  check it out.

It was also the first time that I had seen Mike in a full length production or in a significant role.  I was very impressed!  I’m dating an actor (happy sigh).

I’m flying miles above the earth right now…

25 02 2007

There’s a slight tinge of color on the horizon behind us and to the right. It’s quite beautiful. Orange than yellow and graduating shades of green and blue end in an inky black as the atmosphere fades into space. Below on the dark ground towns web out into the country marked only by the electricity they emit. And I’m sitting up here high above the world thinking.
This weekend away was refreshing. It was a pleasure to reconnect with my girlfriends and see a glimpse into their new worlds. Things were relaxed, long conversations were had, good food was enjoyed, and my longing to be in the Northwest again was fulfilled. Meryl and I ended up at the Market and in a little Chinese restaurant where we ordered a dish off menu that was a favorite during SST. Fan chi chow dan. Basically scrambled eggs with diced tomato, but hard to reproduce. The men’s choir made me smile a lot and reminded me how much I miss live choral music. Not much hotter than a man who can sing. They made me proud of my alma mater. After the concert, several of the guys, and some of the other alumni who are in the Seattle area went out to. Katie, Meryl and I all went out to a Moroccan restaurant on Saturday night and spent almost 2 hours enjoying a sumptuous 5 course meal. Sunday morning was spent at SMC and we sang hymns! Really good ones. I miss hymn singing…
Back to work tomorrow, and the next week is going to be chalk full of studying because I have to take my last 3 syntax tests on Saturday which means between now and then I have to read and understand three-fourths of an entire text book. But right now I’m quite content.
One more thing of note that made me really happy. I was told this weekend by an unexpected source that Mike and I make this individual happy because we seem really good together. Happy thoughts.