Random list

8 02 2009

1.  I’ve been watching America’s Next Top Model all afternoon/evening

2.  One of the people I talk to the most during the week is a guy that I hadn’t talked to before he put up an interesting status on facebook and I was in an adventurous mood and messaged him.  We chat alot because we’re both the kind of people who’ll initiate.  It’s nice to not feel like I have to be the one to initiate.  I wish I talked to my good friends as much as I talk to him.

3.  I only have 2 jobs!  I’ve never been so happy about losing a job.

4.  I think I’m going to sell crocheted things at the bookstore.

5.  I think my favorite job this year has been at the bookstore.  I still miss it.

6.  I’ve started playing on-line poker on a regular basis and with friends once a week.  I’m kind of sporadic, but not that bad.

7.  I’ve also started playing darts, and was getting ok at it, but lately I’ve been terrible.

8.  I’ve discovered that I have an obsessive personality.

9.  I’ve also started eating compulsively when I’m stressed.

10.  I’m starting to enjoy my job alot more, but I still feel like I should be more proactive about finding ways to help my clients.

11.  The first guy I ever really dated has a baby now.  Woah!

12.  Mike and I are moving in a with a friend at the end of the month.  And Mike’s in the middle of a show.  Sigh.  That’s going to make things a little stressful.

13.  I’ve been dancing more recently and it makes me so happy!  Last night was contra and I loved it so much.


I can relate

6 12 2007

Far Away

giving credit where credit is due

I promised her an update

15 11 2007

It is almost 12:30.  Tomorrow I will post.  Really really.  And maybe I’ll talk about my life time struggle with good sleeping habits.  But right now I NEED to go to bed.  See you all tomorrow.

My first response was WTF!

29 05 2007

I’ve been good.  I’ve been really good.  No searching on facebook.  No looking him up on IM.  And then!  Fate twists in the knife and brings him to me.  Today I received an IM message saying that a peice of mail from my bank for me had come to his new apartment.  How weird is that!  It’s a new debit card.
I realized a while later that there is a good (although still screwy) explaination.  We had a joint checking account while we were engaged, and I’m guessing this is a new card for that account.  But I specifically remember cancelling the account and opening a new one, so this must be some sort of error.

It’s a little bit like the wedding magazines I keep getting several years too late.

We didn’t talk long, but other than the initial shock and fighting the desire to get into a more lengthy conversation, it wasn’t too bad.  It really is a kind of pain that just keeps petering out.

A bed to dream in

22 05 2007

I…want… sigh

20 Heroes episodes in one week

5 05 2007

I just fell in love with the show Heroes in exactly a week. Mike “made” me watch the first episode while we were in Canada, and it all went down hill from there. Needless to say much of my free time has been spent in front of my computer. Which is not a new phenomena, only instead of writing and reading blogs I’ve been watching episode after episode. So I have alot of writing and reading to catch up on. Coming soon:

more interview

stuff about my trip

posting on my nanny blog (Liz is crawling!)


18 04 2007

I recently cited slurping noodles as a sound I hate, and Abby commented asking me how I handled China with such a dislike. The truth is that particular answer came to mind because I had read this old SST journal the night before. Enjoy.

Eating Noodles

Eating at the Wai Ban noodle shop when it’s busy is a study in patience for me. Especially when I’m tired. Not much grates at my nerves more than hearing people eat. The slurp, slurp that accompanies a Chinese person eating noodles annoys my senses so much, it almost causes physical pain. I have a feeling that it is akin to what most people experience when they hear fingernails on a chalk board, only the sound continues for about 10 minutes. As children in the States we are taught not to slurp our soup or cereal, to close our mouths when we eat and not to talk with our mouths full. In China, none of these things seem particularly taboo. Other less physical annoyances confront me in China. Pouty girls and the way they beat on their boyfriends, or seek solace from them in very public ways. I think mostly this offends my sensibilities as a feminist. Pushing and shoving, blank stares as response to a smile of greeting, spitting; all of these things are in some way breaking with the social code of conduct that is ingrained in me. But, I’m the outsider here; I’m the one who has entered a place with a different social code. One that i don’t know and don’t understand. You can’t teach those kind of things, not really. You can tell someone about large taboos, but there are so many small things that we do or don’t do without realizing it. We could never think of all of them. I wonder how many times I have put my foot somewhere that a Chinese person never would, said something in a way that a Chinese person wouldn’t dare, or any number of things I’ve never even thought about.

Would I have stopped?

10 04 2007

I have loved Joshua Bell’s music for several years now, and I found this article very interesting.  Reads a bit like a piece from an academic journal, but it’s worth reading all the way through.  I think the experiment was a bit skewed, but still telling of the society we live in.  Thanks Sarah for the lead.

All the single men our age are in Goshen!

22 03 2007

according to city-data, there are alot more men in my age group than woman in Goshen. Girls, we should go back.

Try 72 degrees. Works every time.

26 02 2007

From Overheard in Chicago

Guy: (on cell) “No, no. It’s all about the angles. Yeah, like geometry. It enhances the chances of conception.”

– University of Chicago