Friendly advice

8 09 2007

If someone (like your mother) gives you some peppers, ask what kind they are and do not assume because they are a none threatening yellow and do not smell spicy that they are in fact not spicy.  This is a very bad idea.  And do not, whatever you do, handle them with your bare hands. If for some reason you do this, and the peppers turn out to be habaneros, this is my advice.

Do not touch your eyes!

Have someone help you take the highest recommended dose of pain relievers immediately, you shouldn’t do it because you’ll spread the oils.

wash your hands in milk, vegetable oil, vodka, and rubbing alcohol, I don’t know if these things will actually help, but some people seem to think they will, and honestly you’re probably at the point right now where you’ll try just about anything.  If you’re brave, some people also say a 1/5 bleach-water mixture will cut the oil.  Do not use straight bleach as some people suggest.  This is just plain stupid.

After this use aloe vera or an anti-bacterial ointment to help ward off possible infections due to weakened skin.

Finally, ice packs or ice-water baths will help cut the pain.

As you’ve probably guessed, I did something really stupid last night.  Unfortunately I didn’t have the pain killers until a couple hours in, and I didn’t try the vodka (didn’t want to waste it).  I don’t know if any of the other things actually helped, because the only thing that really took the pain away was cold, but they may have stopped the damage from continuing.  My hands hurt with the most intense pain I’ve ever experienced anytime I wasn’t icing them for about 6 hours.  I’m not sure how bad the pain would have gotten if I hadn’t had something cold to sooth them.  At one point I tired to just let them go so that I could try to sleep.  I was extremely tired, but after about 10 minutes the pain got so bad I was sobbing, and got up and pulled out a new icepack.  Eventually I went to sleep with my left hand on a block of frozen spinach, my right had calmed down enough to not have to be iced.  I woke up at one point from the pain and had to put my hand back on the spinach, but when I woke up in the morning my hands were only sour and ached at the tips.  The searing pain was gone.  At one point I actually considered going to the ER, but A) there’s nothing they could have done except give me pain killers, and B) it wouldn’t have been worth the money.


A sunny day in town

19 05 2007

Music: Kiss from a Rose by Seal

Last night Tara, a friend from Goshen, came up to visit and today she, Abby and I slept in, had a leisurely breakfast, sat around talking and interneting and then went out into the sun.  We walked to the farmer’s market which opened in town today, but it was alot further away than we thought, so we got there as most of the booths were tearing down.  So we walked back and had a lovely Thai meal at Cosi noodle and stopped in at a cute boutique where Tara bought a sunny yellow dress and wore it out the shop.  I’m salivating over a cute white top, but it’s a bit pricey for such a simple piece.  I also ran across to The World Market which is my new favorite store!  I got a Goats do Rome rose’ for $5 on clearance and beautiful earrings.  I covet a darkwood carved screen and an amazing desk.  Maybe when we move…

After that we walked down to some shoe shops so Abby could look for shoes for her amazing summer travels.  Then another boutique that I love to go into and dream, but where the dresses start at $100.  On to Jamba Juice before taking the L home.  The entire afternoon was graced by the warm sun,  a gentle breeze and good company.

Interview IV

9 05 2007

First of all I want to say it’s really hard to be satisfied with these answers because the questions were so amazing and thought provoking!  Thankyou so much for the challenge Mel.

1. In answer to Flutter’s question about the most important thing about you, you replied, “when I was 9 my parents and I moved to Zambia.” Wow! What are some of your best or most vivid memories of that time and place?
There are so many!  Like the time that my dad killed a spitting cobra that almost attacked my mom by throwing a hammer at it and hitting it in the head.  Or the way the world looks at night when there’s no artificial light for kilometers and kilometers in all directions.  Or going swimming on horseback and learning to jump at the tiny British expatriate school that I attended for a few months.  Or the first time I saw the mist and heard the roar of Victoria Falls.  Or being charged by a rino when my dad drove too close.  Or when a couple of my friends were almost run over by a runaway ox and cart at the little play set by my house.  Or my mom crying because we were told by the mission board back home that we had to leave the country in two weeks (this was later retracted, but we had originally planed to stay for 3 years and only stayed for 2)  Some time I should do a series of stories from those two years.  That would be good blogging fodder.

2. In your post to the person who found you through the broken engagement search, you said this: “I had to relearn to value myself as an individual,” and you also said this: “I made strong commitments to myself about maintaining my self worth and independence.” How do you feel you are doing with these self-affirming actions these days? Has a new relationship posed any challenges for you in still making sure to meet those goals for yourself?

It’s a daily struggle.  I think these are areas that will take continued growth and attention for the rest of my life.  But I’ve made huge strides.  Granted I had a long way to travel to even reach a healthy place, but it feels good to be able to look back and see how far I’ve come.  It’s not really something you can quantify, but I value and like myself much more than I used to.

Dating Mike has been a struggle in a lot of ways.  I have to fight the urge to rely on him for my self worth.  I have to fight the urge to plan my life around him.  Luckily, he doesn’t allow me to depend on him too much, and he has a way of being supportive while encouraging me to be the strongest person I can.  It’s hard road though because it’s a fight against my natural inclinations.
3. As a nanny, what’s the most important goal (besides “keep the child alive”)that you keep in mind, both at the start of each day and at the start of each new job?

That’s such a hard question for me because I’m a novice nanny.  I feel like I’ve been through a trial by fire the past 10 months.  I’ve had two different jobs with very different situations.  Nothing in my past or education has given me the insight or preparation for this career.  So until now I haven’t really had the luxury of having clear goals at the start of a job.  I’m still a little wet behind the ears, but now I would say the goal with each child is to guide them in becoming independent, joyful, articulate, socially and emotionally mature people.  To provide them with the challenges that will help them to grow at a leave where they are able to succeed.  This of course is easier said than done.  Just because a child has the capabilities necessary to tie their shoes doesn’t mean that they have the focus to complete the task or that it’s going to be easy for you to have the patience to wait for them to complete it.  It’s also my goal to find ways to make the family’s life easier.  Oh, and to give the kids as much love as possible.  That’s the easy part.

Day to day I try and keep them on a schedule of sorts.  It’s hard with babies, but everyone’s happier if there’s structure to the day.  I try to take them out every day, weather permitting.  I try and think of new things the girls can learn, whether that’s how to put the blocks in the bucket or how to not chew on books.

4. Just in the posts I’ve browsed, you mention singing, dancing, salsa lessons, “wheel throwing lessons,” whatever those are, fiddle lessons… do you think you will be a perennial student? In other words, do you agree with the notion that a person should continue to learn something new throughout their lives? Do you plan on doing so?

I definitely think I’ll be a student most of my life.  There are so many things I want to learn and be able to do.  I love the creative outlet of art, music and dance classes.  If I had more money and more energy I’d be involved in a lot more classes.  I am hoping to do some “wheel throwing lessons” this summer.  Wheel throwing is a part of ceramics and is how most hand made pottery is formed.

5. You said last summer, “I just want to feel like something I do really touches someone.” This isn’t a question, it’s a statement: I have really enjoyed reading your blog; it has touched me. While our lifepaths are not extremely similar, I can hear echoes of my own heart from before I settled into the life I have now in your words. I do hope you keep going; your honesty and freshness are very neat to read.

I’m flying miles above the earth right now…

25 02 2007

There’s a slight tinge of color on the horizon behind us and to the right. It’s quite beautiful. Orange than yellow and graduating shades of green and blue end in an inky black as the atmosphere fades into space. Below on the dark ground towns web out into the country marked only by the electricity they emit. And I’m sitting up here high above the world thinking.
This weekend away was refreshing. It was a pleasure to reconnect with my girlfriends and see a glimpse into their new worlds. Things were relaxed, long conversations were had, good food was enjoyed, and my longing to be in the Northwest again was fulfilled. Meryl and I ended up at the Market and in a little Chinese restaurant where we ordered a dish off menu that was a favorite during SST. Fan chi chow dan. Basically scrambled eggs with diced tomato, but hard to reproduce. The men’s choir made me smile a lot and reminded me how much I miss live choral music. Not much hotter than a man who can sing. They made me proud of my alma mater. After the concert, several of the guys, and some of the other alumni who are in the Seattle area went out to. Katie, Meryl and I all went out to a Moroccan restaurant on Saturday night and spent almost 2 hours enjoying a sumptuous 5 course meal. Sunday morning was spent at SMC and we sang hymns! Really good ones. I miss hymn singing…
Back to work tomorrow, and the next week is going to be chalk full of studying because I have to take my last 3 syntax tests on Saturday which means between now and then I have to read and understand three-fourths of an entire text book. But right now I’m quite content.
One more thing of note that made me really happy. I was told this weekend by an unexpected source that Mike and I make this individual happy because we seem really good together. Happy thoughts.

30 days till spring

18 02 2007

This morning I woke up to sun on my face. Still half asleep, I exclaimed “It’s so beauiful outside!”

More later. Too busy soaking in the sun.

Pink icing in the sky

25 10 2004

Music: The God’s Love Nubia from Tim Rice’s Aida

I have a really cool view from my seat here at the computer. For those of you who do not know, my desk is right next to the window. Over my right shoulder I look out into the world….and my window faces west (towards Oregon! 🙂 so I get to see the sun set if I’m here at that time and the sky is clear. Today was really beautiful with clear skies and sun. And the sun is moments from leaving us for the day. There’s just a crest of peach coloured sky over the Umble center.

I started work in the coffee shop at 9 this morning. Then admissions at 11:45. Then class at 1:00. I made an appointment with Ruth tomorrow to talk about my PMS symptoms….seriously, I’m through dealing with it by overdosing on Midol and then suffering. I can’t function this way. Although the way I feel when the pain goes away is great. It’s like being really light and happy for no reason at all. It sneaks up on me so that all at once I notice I’m not shuffling around kindof gimpish like anymore and I don’t clutch at my stomach every few minutes. Sure the pain isn’t usually perminately gone, but it’s a brief respite and that’s always welcome. I also made an appointment with Bill to take a look at my neck. I injured it in gymnastics about 5 years ago and it seized up and wouldn’t function right for about 3 days. I walked around with my head perminately resting on my relaxed shoulder, a position I cannot assume naturally. It’s happened about 3 times since then, usually brought on by stress. I feel like that might happen again, so I want to stop it before it does. I also worked with Fallon on my voice lesson pieces and had my voice lesson. I have night class in a bit. Sigh…..I’m never going to feel caught up in my classes am I! The past few days has been a delicate balance between hope, joy, despair and frustration. But right now hope is winning out, so I shall relish it.

And darkness has fallen, so I’ll end. Goodnight world. God grant that you are more peaceful in the morning.

16 09 2004

Music: Sarah McLachan~ Push

It’s amazing how music can effect you! How much a song can make you feel one way or another. This song is like that.

A cold wind is blowing out side. An occasionally flash of lightening draws my attention out the window. I love that I can sit at my computer and stare out my window at the same time. Fall is coming….. goodbye beautiful summer. I will never forget you and the joys that you brought into my life.

Dance class tonight was wonderful! Jesse picked it all up amazingly fast. I knew that he wouldn’t have trouble with the rhythm which is half the battle, but I was still impressed at how quietly he could do things and with consistency while still being able to mix it together. I think I’ve found a gem….. 😀

This afternoon Jess came and visited me and I enjoyed catching up with her a bit. I love that I’m just down the hall instead of two blocks away. I’m still counting my blessings in that area. Also, this evening I had just started to make myself tea when Bret and a freshman girl who was with him (grrr… for not remembering names…..) stopped by and had tea with me. Crystal dropped in a bit later and we all hung out chatting. Ummm…. 🙂 yay for dorm life. Only now it’s 1 and I’m still not in bed. Dang it for bad sleeping schedules!

By the way, have I mentioned yet how glad I am that I dropped TESOL back down to a minor? I think it’s definitely the right choice for me.

There was just a huge streak of lightning that took up the entire Western sky!!! It was beautiful. I love thunder storms. And with that I shall retire to my bed. Goodnight lovely world. May there be more joy in you tomorrow than there was today, and more the next and so on till He comes. May that be one of our life goals.