9 06 2009

My team won tonight!  Yeah!  I shouldn’t be awake still.  I have to be in Middlebury at 7 tomorrow, but I’m right in the thick of Hell’s Kitchen season 5…. oh well.


10 02 2009

Mike and I were both at poker last night.  Mike won the first game, although I was a little pissy that he forced me all in on a mediocre hand.  But then I won the second game!  I’m still not sure how I did it, other than the fact that I was getting alot better hands than the first game.  And when it was down to two of us and we hit that “all in” point, I had pocket Aces (two aces in my hand for those of you who know as much about poker as I did about 3 months ago).  I don’t know that I’ll win again anytime soon, but it was a boost to the ego.


Flowers on a Sunday

20 04 2008

I went to church today!  I’ve had a hard time since moving back finding the motivation to go to church on Sunday mornings, but I’ve really wanted to.  So here’s a start.  And now that I’m the administrative assistant I have even more motivation.  I think it’ll also help that we started an elective series today and the one I joined is talking about alcohol use.  My church (or at least a group of about 30 of us) are talking openly about the use of alcohol!  That’s really cool to me.

After church, I leisurely cleaned up around the house, made lunch, made strawberry lemonade, did the dishes, and lazed around in the hammock reading “The Prophet” while I waited for Phoebe to come over and talk about flowers.  They’re going to be beautiful.  Phoebe is so amazing, and alot of the flowers are going to come from her parent’s organic farm!  Then I worked on the guest book some more, grabbed a sandwich from Blimpee’s, talked to the pampered chef rep about finalizing my order, and talked to my fiance’ whom I haven’t seen all weekend.  That trend (save for an hour here and there so I can provide him with food 😉 will probably continue until his projects are due on Wednesday.  Now I’m off to my parents for embroidery floss.

A day in the life

9 04 2008

I slept in today, even though I told myself I wouldn’t.  Typical.

But then I got a fair amount done.  Not as much as I would have liked, especially given the fact that I got roped into working the lunch shift tomorrow, but it still felt good to get some things taken care of.  I repotted almost all of my plants into bigger pots so they’d have more room to grow.  I did some grocery shopping.  I visited with my sister’s cats since she and her family is in Hawaii for spring break.  I finally went through the vases from my other sister’s wedding to see what I could use for mine, although I didn’t bring them down from the attic yet.  I didn’t want to attempt it alone in case I dropped a whole box and shattered them all.  Straightened up around the house.  Had dinner with Mike.  Made some phone calls, particularly an important one about a recent wedding dilemma.  Went to small group, and I just got off the phone with Meryl.  The sun made me happy.  I should have been in bed 15 minutes ago, but maybe I’ll sneak in an episode of Medium since I’m already past my bedtime 🙂

I thought this was interesting:


Updates and soapboxes

11 12 2007

Darn, I didn’t realize till just now that the last post didn’t really work very well. Eh.

Sooo… Liz has croup, so it’s just Ray and I for the next few days. Poor girl was miserable yesterday and Ray just wouldn’t leave her alone. He tends to be attracted to whatever she’s playing with, and the concept of “stealing” isn’t even on the radar yet. There was also a distinct lack of sleeping on Liz’s part, so I had a long day of keeping her happy despite a constant runny nose, overly tiredness, and general not feeling goodness.

Becca and I decorated for Christmas last week, although the apartment still needs something to make it feel more right. Stockings on the fireplace for one, and lights around the window. And presents under the tree. Oh, and a real tree instead of our current fake one would do wonders, but that’s just my own bias.

Last weekend the girls and I took Erini to Maggiano’s to celebrate her new jobs. Yum. Maggiano’s has this cool family dining option where you chose 2 appetizers, 2 salads, 2 pasta dishes, 2 main dishes, and 2 desserts and then you get all you can eat and share everything around. You need at least 4 people, but that’s not a problem for us, and if you count the whole other meal you get out of the leftovers it’s a pretty reasonable $25 a person. We also shared around a bottle of St. Michelle’s Eroica Riesling which was simply amazing. Then we went and saw The Golden Compass. Nicole Kidman is amazing. I’ve loved her since seeing Far and Away as a kid. There were a few other disappointing things about the film, but that’s mainly because I just read the books a few months ago. It’s definitely worth seeing. The books are even more worth reading. But speaking of The Golden Compass, I’m going to get on the proverbial soap box for a second and complain about a couple news articles I read the other night about the movie.

I found both these on Yahoo news.

In an article about how much Compass made in it’s first weekend, associated press movie writer David Germain writes :

“The Golden Compass” follows the adventures of an orphan girl hurled into a parallel world of witches, strange flying machines and talking polar bears.”

This makes it seem as if Lyra is from a different world from the one with this witches, polar bears, etc. Not true. She is born, raised, and stays in the same universe for the whole movie.

In an ABC news article about the controversy surrounding Compass, Emily Friedman writes:

“As Lyra gets closer to her goal of reaching the Magisterium — located in the alternate universe of Bolvanger —…”

Blovanger is not in an alternate universe. Again, no one leaves the universe the movie is set in at any point in the movie. I know these seem like small details, but isn’t the news supposed to get things right? This is not about opinion or perspective. It’s simple facts. If you’re going to write a news article, at least know what you’re talking about. Did they watch the movie? I think it would be confusing to have read those article and then gone to see the movie if I had never read the books. It just bothered me.

Friendly advice

8 09 2007

If someone (like your mother) gives you some peppers, ask what kind they are and do not assume because they are a none threatening yellow and do not smell spicy that they are in fact not spicy.  This is a very bad idea.  And do not, whatever you do, handle them with your bare hands. If for some reason you do this, and the peppers turn out to be habaneros, this is my advice.

Do not touch your eyes!

Have someone help you take the highest recommended dose of pain relievers immediately, you shouldn’t do it because you’ll spread the oils.

wash your hands in milk, vegetable oil, vodka, and rubbing alcohol, I don’t know if these things will actually help, but some people seem to think they will, and honestly you’re probably at the point right now where you’ll try just about anything.  If you’re brave, some people also say a 1/5 bleach-water mixture will cut the oil.  Do not use straight bleach as some people suggest.  This is just plain stupid.

After this use aloe vera or an anti-bacterial ointment to help ward off possible infections due to weakened skin.

Finally, ice packs or ice-water baths will help cut the pain.

As you’ve probably guessed, I did something really stupid last night.  Unfortunately I didn’t have the pain killers until a couple hours in, and I didn’t try the vodka (didn’t want to waste it).  I don’t know if any of the other things actually helped, because the only thing that really took the pain away was cold, but they may have stopped the damage from continuing.  My hands hurt with the most intense pain I’ve ever experienced anytime I wasn’t icing them for about 6 hours.  I’m not sure how bad the pain would have gotten if I hadn’t had something cold to sooth them.  At one point I tired to just let them go so that I could try to sleep.  I was extremely tired, but after about 10 minutes the pain got so bad I was sobbing, and got up and pulled out a new icepack.  Eventually I went to sleep with my left hand on a block of frozen spinach, my right had calmed down enough to not have to be iced.  I woke up at one point from the pain and had to put my hand back on the spinach, but when I woke up in the morning my hands were only sour and ached at the tips.  The searing pain was gone.  At one point I actually considered going to the ER, but A) there’s nothing they could have done except give me pain killers, and B) it wouldn’t have been worth the money.

A sunny day in town

19 05 2007

Music: Kiss from a Rose by Seal

Last night Tara, a friend from Goshen, came up to visit and today she, Abby and I slept in, had a leisurely breakfast, sat around talking and interneting and then went out into the sun.  We walked to the farmer’s market which opened in town today, but it was alot further away than we thought, so we got there as most of the booths were tearing down.  So we walked back and had a lovely Thai meal at Cosi noodle and stopped in at a cute boutique where Tara bought a sunny yellow dress and wore it out the shop.  I’m salivating over a cute white top, but it’s a bit pricey for such a simple piece.  I also ran across to The World Market which is my new favorite store!  I got a Goats do Rome rose’ for $5 on clearance and beautiful earrings.  I covet a darkwood carved screen and an amazing desk.  Maybe when we move…

After that we walked down to some shoe shops so Abby could look for shoes for her amazing summer travels.  Then another boutique that I love to go into and dream, but where the dresses start at $100.  On to Jamba Juice before taking the L home.  The entire afternoon was graced by the warm sun,  a gentle breeze and good company.

A new job, a new stage of life

16 08 2006

Becca, Abby and I drove up to Evanston yesterday. We took lakeshore drive and it made me excited about living in Chicago. Then we picked up Jess and went to a fun little place called the Lucky Platter. We got to see our apartment. It’s going to be sweet. I’m so excited about living with these girls! We also got to see Luke for a little while. I hadn’t seen him all summer, and it was good to do a bit of catching up. We walked down to the lake and on our way back we were oohhing and aahhing over the castle-houses when we ran into some discard furniture on the side of the street. There was a hide-a-bed couch in good conditions. After a little debating, we grabbed the cushions per Jess’ suggestion and then went back later to pick up the rest. So now we have two couches and a futon. We’re so set when it comes to furniture. We’re actually going to be able to be choosey. The evening was topped off with a quick phone call from Mike. Ah such sweet topping. 😉

Today was my first day of work. i biked there. Which reminds me, I need to look up proper biking etiquette for the city. I also need to buy myself a bike. I’m going to be biking to work probably all year long because it’s less than a mile from our apartment to their house, so I wouldn’t be on the bus long enough to make it worth taking. I’d probably be outside for a shorter amount of time just biking than walking to the bus station and then waiting for the bus etc.

So today went pretty well. Anthony the younger of the two had some difficulty listening near the end of the day, but overall they’re good kids. Evanston’s going to ROCK!

Living at night

18 07 2005

Today my mom asked me why I live my life at night and then sleep during the day. It’s something I’ve struggled with since middle school. I’m a night owl, no question there, but I do tend to enjoy life better when I’m going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. I wonder why that is. This morning I got up around 10 and went down to mow my sister’s lawn. It takes about 50 minutes to get there, and tragically my mom had failed to tell me that she didn’t have a key and that I was supposed to bring the one Lenora had given me. So we turned around and came back. Then I felt pretty deflated and read some and then took a nap. In the afternoon I cleaned my bathroom and worked a bit on the downstairs that still has some cleaning up to do. After a bit Jesse came over and set up the wireless internet access on my parents computer that I’m now using sitting in bed and chatting with Nathan and Derek on IM…… I love the internet. Went back to Jesse’s and just kind of relaxed together. He’s working long hard hours, and doesn’t have a whole lot of energy at the end of the day, so we’ve been doing that alot. And now back here for some interneting.
Abby’s recent blog about China made me think about my own feelings and how I too am concerned about not dealing with it well. I’m so amazingly excited! But I’m also terrified. I mean what if I can’t talk to my cooking family at all. I feel like the only Chinese I have a grasp on is hello and goodbye, and even that I don’t remember the tones for. I did so poorly in Chinese class…. 😦 But I’m trying to let the excitement be the dominate emotion. I’ll miss Jesse…..
I’ve been thinking some for the past little while about how I’m changing my name when I get married. I won’t be Stephanie H******** anymore…. I’ll be Stephanie S*************. I’ll be giving up a piece of my identity. I mean I’ve been Stephanie H******** all my life. There’s not much more basic about our identity than our names. No matter what I’ve been, done, where I’ve lived, etc. I’ve always been Stephanie H********. In less than a year I won’t be. I’ll have to remember to tell people the right name… learn a new signature. I’ve always thought that I’d change my name. I really didn’t mind the tradition, but now that it comes down to it, it seems like a much bigger deal to be changing my name. I wish there was a more equal way of doing it, but even the middle name thing doesn’t really work for us, because Jesse’s middle name is Jesse and John, his first name, is a family tradition that I wouldn’t want him to give up. Hyphenation doesn’t really work…. can you imagine me having to sign “Stephanie H********-S*************” no way! so what can Jesse do to some how tip the balance a little more equally. I mean….. I don’t know, I just feel that it would be nice if there was something that he was doing to token his changing of identity as we unite as well. Something saying “I’m hers just as much as she’s mine”. Tis a puzzlement (name that tune). In other news, our wedding bands are done and will be on their way to the the US by monday!!!! (with Thushan) I’m excited to see them. Thushan’s father is a jeweler and his company is making them for us. Well night all. Pleasant dreams.

From my Xanga account

14 08 2004

Saturday, August 14, 2004

There is a HUGE spider on my wall! It’s legs probably span about 2 inches….no joke. That may even be underestimating. I kind of hope it’s not the jumping kind…. still listening to Aida….should be packing

Well, I stayed up way to late last night (big surprise there) and had to get up early for an airport run, so I’m really tired, but today is another open day of doing what I want The airport run was eventful…. I couldn’t find the admission’s car. I wasn’t sure which one it was so I tried all of them. One would unlock, but not start….so, I took my car, but by that time I was already running late and I needed gas. Going 85 down the highway is not very smart, but it is fun It ended up fine because Ibrahem’s bus was late and we arrived about the same time. Ibrahem’s from Tanzania and I enjoyed talking to him on the way home. And then……



Well, mom wants me to go to the store for her I need a nap…..

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Friday, August 13, 2004

I’m home!!!!!!!! It felt so nice to wake up in my bed this morning. I never thought I would feel this attached to one place, well, at least not untill I created my own home. It’s a fairly new sensation…I like it Today I’m going to go through all my earthy possessions I’ve done this countless times, pretty much with each move……sooo….alot of time! hehe I kind of like it. It always pulls up such good memories and I’m able to get rid of unneeded items which tends to simplify life slightly. I think I would be a packrat if I hadn’t moved so much. Since I graduated from High School I’ve moved 8 times…..6 if you don’t count this summer, which I’m not sure I should or not.

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Well, today I flew from Seattle to Chicago, and now I’m HOME! I loved this summer, but it feels so good to be back in my own room. Although it doesn’t look like my room anymore thanks to mom…. The flight wasn’t too bad, I’m pretty used to flying by now, but I hate getting the middle seat But the reward at the end of the trip was well worth the wait

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