End of Life Desires

24 11 2009

I realize many people consider this topic morbid, but honestly, I don’t.  I don’t believe thinking about death is going to make it happen any quicker, or that it somehow means you want to die.  I’ve thought alot about how I want to be disposed of, but nothing’s felt quite right.  I don’t want to cost alot of money to dispose of, so I’ve wanted for a while to be cremated.  But I just discovered an article on the NPR website that made me think twice.  It introduced this new form of “burial” called Promission.  If it ever comes into vogue and the cost comes down (I’m sure it costs alot now) I think I’d what this to happen.  Basically they instafreeze you and then shatter you into pieces.  How cool is that.

Oh and in case I die tomorrow, I want my funeral to be a hymn sing.  You can all say nice things about me if you want, but songs and stories, that’s all I want.

Jess-  thanks for being on me to update.  I’ll try to have something more substantive soon.

Oh and the new Imogen Heap album is pretty fantastic.




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