Weekend fun

21 09 2009

Music:  As Long as You Are Mine from Wicked

What a weekend.  Friday I had dinner with Joanne and then Angie’s senior show, which went really well.  Audiences make such a difference.  And this was one of the best audiences that I’ve ever acted for.  It was great, and Angie was fantastic.  She’s a really great actress.  I hope she gets a chance to showcase her talent again and again over the years.  I’d love to be able to say… yeah, I knew her once upon a time.  I acted in a play she wrote for her senior show.

We had a going away party for Alec Friday night.  He’s moving to Chi-town and it’ll be sad to lose one of the most interesting characters in our group as well as a talented actor from the NWA scene.  But I’m excited about visiting him when I go up to see the Evanston girls.  He’s going to be working for the paper that covers events all over the city, so I see some fun nights on the town in my future.  Hear that girls, I have the hook up now 😉  He’s a great guy, I can’t wait to introduce him to you.

The party was fun, kind of mellow.  And there was rock band to finish off the night.  I stayed up after everyone left and watched the finale of America’s Got Talent.  I had decided that I didn’t want Barbara Padilla to win, because then she’d be locked into a contract to do a Vegas show which I think would be undershooting her potential, but that Skinner guy didn’t deserve to win… but I get it, he’s the Cinderella story, and Americans love a good “glory out of nothing” story.

Saturday I watched the first couple episodes of this season’s So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD).  I’ve never watched a whole season, just episodes here and there, but I intend to with this one.  It’s definitely my cup of tea, but it also makes me wistful.  I love dancing.  I wish I had taken lessons as a child.  I think it’s something I could have been really good at and that would be a good outlet for me.  Granted I can still learn to dance, ballroom etc.  But most of the dances you learn as an adult are group dances and I have to rely others to dance with.  Besides, there are fundamental things about being a good dancer that you really have to learn as a child.  Ah well.  But I think I’m going to sign up for a class at Dancesport in Mishawaka.  I know, I know… I’m sure I’ve said that before.

I packed up a good portion of our kitchen stuff and Mike’s mom came over and did our dishes J and we chatted.  I really lucked out when it come to mother-in-laws.  I like mine a lot.  She’s easy to talk to, and I never feel like I’m not meeting some expectation she has of me. We’ve started moving some stuff over to the house.  We’ll probably move over slowly instead of in one big exhausting move.

I’ve been craving fish and chips from Tony’s for a little while, so I treated myself to some for dinner and hung out with Mike when he got home from soccer.  Don’t underestimate the soothing power of just falling asleep together on the couch.

I slept a little later than I had intended, but got up in time to throw on a pretty dress (Abby and Katie- remember going shopping in Athens and that ball gown I got on clearance?), get all dolled up, and head over to the masquerade.  I had my first tequila shot… or 3.  AND speaking of dancing… I definitely spent most of the night on the dance floor.  Haven’t done that in a while 🙂

I saw House of Yes at New World today.  It’s a good show, and it’ll still be on next weekend for any of you heading into town for the relief sale.  I would highly recommend seeing it.  I’ve read the script several times, so I knew the story pretty well.  I especially enjoyed Julie Kime’s performance.   I hadn’t realized she was in it till I got there.  Afterward I had dinner at the Spring and talked theater shop with Geoff.  I’m really excited about next season… although, for most of the shows, more as a spectator than actress.  My only complaint is that it’s a somewhat male heavy season again!  Grrr

There was another birthday party tonight, but I was just too burned out.  I took a really long nap before work.  I’ve been getting more into a rhythm with this whole nights thing.  I’ve had to let go of my constructs of what day to day schedule should look like, for instance, I often sleep shorter periods of time more often, and I mostly eat when I get hungry.  Unfortunately that can mean I only have one meal a day.  But I’m starting to like working nights.  I think it suits me.  Now I’m just sad that I’ll have to switch back… I just wish I knew when!

Wow.  What a full weekend!  I think I’ll continue my trend of ending with a clip.  A friend has been posting videos from these two on facebook and  I think they’re grand.  Have a great week!




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