Look for the sand art

18 09 2009

Music: Piazza, New York Catcher by Belle & Sebastian from the Juno soundtrack

I totally spaced out on stage today and almost missed an entrance!  Not good.  I’ll have to try and get more sleep tomorrow.  Which of course is not going to be easy… again.  One of the struggles of working nights is that I should be sleeping through the period of the day that other people are getting things done.  So if I need to get stuff done with other people… say goodbye to my sleeping time.

I decided to get breakfast at the County Seat this morning.  It’s pretty sweet to be able to have a good, filling meal for just over $6 including a 40% tip.  And they have wifi. 🙂

I slept till about 4:30 and did a little work around the house.  We’re hosting a party tomorrow night and the house was a disaster.  I even resorted to taking a load of dishes to the new house to run them through the dishwasher.  I figure they have to end up there at some point.  Then I meet Rachel, one of the girls in the show with me, there to finish painting the office.  Dining room and office done, bedroom and kitchen cabinets to go.  Mike discovered a bunch of old crates in the basement that I think we’re going to turn into a bookshelf.  Then it was back home to change and get ready for rehearsal… I had just enough time after to shower all the makeup and hair glue off myself before work.

I think I can get one more episode in before I have to start passing meds.  Here’s something super cool that I was reminded of today.  Enjoy.




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