More Random Things from my life.

30 07 2009

Watching: True Blood

I’ve been getting to know several people recently that will or mostly will be moving away in the next few months… it sucks.  But savoring it while it lasts is what I’m trying to do.

Work is getting better, sortof.  I hate getting up early, but my client and I are developing a repport.

I’m trying really really REALLY hard not to be anxious about moving… but anyone who knows me knows that I don’t do uncertainty.  We don’t know when we’ll be moving.  And the work on the house hasn’t started yet… so who knows.  I’ve been anxious the last week or so, and I think that’s alot of the reason why.

Taming is over.  over over over over overoveroverover!  I had a very mixed experience.  There were somethings I really enjoyed about being stage manager, but my insecurities made it hard to fully enjoy it, and it was a bit too big of a role to get my feet wet in.  But as far as I know I did a good enough job, so I’ll leave it at that.

Speaking of theater.  I’m aditioning again for House of Yes.  I’ve been torn about whether or not I should put myself up to be in this show.  There are alot of reasons why it would be best if I didn’t… we’ll probably be moving when things are really busy with the show… I just did a show… work is stressful… etc.  But I think I’d always regret not trying to be in it.

That’s probably enough baring of my soul for one night.




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