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28 06 2009

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The mind is an amazing thing.  I often have my most interesting thoughts when I’m in the shower.  I wonder if other people find this to be true as well.  It’s a process that I go through the same way every morning (give or a take a few).  It takes very little active brain power so my mind is free to wander.  Also, there are very few distractions.  I’ve also found my mind tends to go on the strangest tangents with nothing to anchor it.

So this morning I was thinking about body hair.  My strong German roots make this something I think about more than I would like.  This lead me to think about tweezers because I have lost the pair I had once upon a time, and I’d like to start tweezing my eyebrows instead of getting them waxed.  Thinking of tweezers brought up the image of a particular pair with a red grip.  When I tried to place them I remembered buying a pair of tweezers from CVS while I was working at Maple City Market because a volunteer had gotten a sliver.  My next thoughts were about taking the splinter out, but then I remembered that it had been bitter cold that day.  I think it was the coldest day all winter actually, and as I walked to CVS without gloves on my hands, a woman pulled her car over and offered me an extra pair of gloves she had in her car.  I declined seeing as I wasn’t going far and wouldn’t really need them.  I thought about what a kind gesture that was, and how more people should be like that woman, and how I want to be more like that woman…. and then I thought about how I had gone from body hair to good samaritan in the span of a few moments.  And then I decided I had something to blog about.

Note about eyebrow waxing/plucking:  I used to think it was a completely silly vanity.  Then I had it done once because a beautician talked me into it.  and I was amazed at how much it opened up my face and made my eyes stand out more.  I’ve been hooked since.

I know I haven’t blogged much of substance recently.  I’m just not in a place to go into it.  There’s just too much.  But I’ve been really happy today!




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29 06 2009

I know what you mean about the way one’s train of thought can skip around so much, but still have a logical process. I am also glad you are happy today 🙂

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