Donnie Darko

7 06 2009

I find that I decide to blog and get overwhelmed with everything that I could/should talk about.  But I’m going to talk about the movie I just watched.

Donnie Darko has been on my movie list for some time.  I finally had the oppertunity to watch it tonight.  The acting was wonderful.  I especially liked Drew Barrymore’s appropriately understated performance.   The cinematography was interesting and there was a beauty to the whole thing that I found interesting.  But I just could not engage in the story.  I didn’t really care for any of the characters enough to care about the film and the end sacrifice came too little late.  I think I’m too much like his girlfriend; I like when I see the beauty in the world.  I wish I hadn’t lost faith in it so early!  The sacrifice was beautiful.




One response

8 06 2009

I like it when you blog. Of course you know you and Becca can now fight it out over Donnie Darko, as I remember it, she loves that movie. As for me I was more, “eh” about it.

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