to be alone

10 01 2009

Mike has been gone all week.  He’s enjoying himself at ACTF which is fabulous, and I’ve had a good (intense for various reasons) week.  One thing I realized though is that I’m out of practice with enjoying spending time on my own.  I don’t think it’ll be something that ever comes naturally to me.  I used to think that if I worked on it enough I’d develop the skill and retain in.  Near the end of college and in Evanston, I was getting pretty good at it.  But it’s a skill that I can loss.  And I have lost it.




One response

14 01 2009

I know what you mean about being out of practice with having alone time. One of my goals this year is to actually have alone time, and not just watching TV/Movies alone time, intentional alone time (reading, writing, walking, spiritual time…). What I found this past year was that when I had free time I was focused on either getting together with other people or watching movies (if I had no energy…).

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