Wedding: A Note

26 06 2008

I was just contemplating these posts I’ve been making about the wedding.  I never meant for them to go on and on, or for there even to be multiples, but once I got going I felt the need to get it all down.  All the details.  Anything that mattered.  I guess it’s hard to let go.  You spend so much time, effort and thought on one day and then all you have left is your memory of it and a few pictures (which I have yet to see many of).  Where are all your pictures people!  Well, I guess you have the marriage too 😉




10 responses

27 06 2008

ramble away! i’m loving it.

27 06 2008

Ditto! Rambling is a-okay. Besides, you can look back in a few years and remember certain things you might have forgotten. So fill us in on the rest of the day….or your view of it, I should say 🙂

15 07 2008

Any news about pictures? It’s hard to believe you’ve already been married a month! Hope your performance goes well!

16 07 2008

I lost all my pictures….It was a very sad moment. I’m really enjoying reading about the wedding from your perspective!

24 07 2008

I too am loving your wedding stories! And I just downloaded my pics onto my computer (finally). How do you want them? Facebook? CD? Email (there aren’t a ton)? Downloaded right onto your computer when I’m out there in a week and half?

25 07 2008

Facebook! Share the pictures!

25 08 2008

i say, my dear, it’s been awhile, will we ever get to hear your thoughts on the big shebang?

22 09 2008

I miss you! And hopefully will be seeing you this coming weekend!

8 10 2008

I still miss you A LOT, but not just your blog, pretty much YOU.
PS. thanks for the great birthday voicemail!

22 10 2008

I miss you, and I check your blog every few days, just so you know:)

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