Being Mrs. Hon…… isn’t easy…

19 06 2008

not because the marriage is already hitting the rocks, but because I can’t get used to being called/calling myself by another name.  I get it right the first time maybe a fourth of the time.  But slowly it’s getting easier.  It’s kind of weird to think there’s going to come a time when hearing Stephanie Hir…… will be strange.

I’m married!!!!  yippeeee!!!

And finally have internet at home so maybe you all will start hearing from me on a semi-regular basis now.  I’d like to do a post soon on my impressions from the big day, but I don’t have the mental energy right now (and I want to catch up on some Ugly Betty :




2 responses

20 06 2008

I’m glad you’re married, and that you married such a wonderful man! I think a post on your impressions of your wedding would be a wonderful and interesting post!

22 06 2008

i am DYING to see pictures!!!

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