Flowers on a Sunday

20 04 2008

I went to church today!  I’ve had a hard time since moving back finding the motivation to go to church on Sunday mornings, but I’ve really wanted to.  So here’s a start.  And now that I’m the administrative assistant I have even more motivation.  I think it’ll also help that we started an elective series today and the one I joined is talking about alcohol use.  My church (or at least a group of about 30 of us) are talking openly about the use of alcohol!  That’s really cool to me.

After church, I leisurely cleaned up around the house, made lunch, made strawberry lemonade, did the dishes, and lazed around in the hammock reading “The Prophet” while I waited for Phoebe to come over and talk about flowers.  They’re going to be beautiful.  Phoebe is so amazing, and alot of the flowers are going to come from her parent’s organic farm!  Then I worked on the guest book some more, grabbed a sandwich from Blimpee’s, talked to the pampered chef rep about finalizing my order, and talked to my fiance’ whom I haven’t seen all weekend.  That trend (save for an hour here and there so I can provide him with food 😉 will probably continue until his projects are due on Wednesday.  Now I’m off to my parents for embroidery floss.




One response

20 04 2008

Keep us posted on any insights re alcohol. I miss Assembly!

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