Random thoughts on theater

13 01 2008

I’m in Umble watching Mike rehearse for his senior show.  Yesterday I went up to Milwaukee to watch the 10 minute student written plays at ACTF.  Mike’s play was very well received by the audience.  They laughed alot!  It was brilliant.  I think it was the way the actors went over the top with their characters that made it work so well.  I’ve been playing Kate as a more realistic character, and I think I need to approach her as more of a comic character.




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13 01 2008

Yeah, the actors who read at the festival are very experienced and do well with comedy. Pulling it off so seamlessly is much harder than it looks. We also played up the contrast between a happy-go-lucky Kate and a melancholy Jim, which is quite amusing given their newly-wed status. I don’t expect you and I to get the same kind of laughter they did, but we’ll certainly do the piece justice in the end.

22 01 2008

The Post Song

Post! post post postpostpost POST!!!!
Weeee the people, in order to form a more per-fect union, establishjusticeandsecuredomestictranquiliteee–eeeeeEEEEE, pro-vide for the common defense, promote the general welfare aaaand secure the blessings of li-ber-ty for ourselves and our post-er-ity, do orDAIN and ES-ta-a-blish this constit-tion
oooofffff the U-nited States oooffff AAAAAmeri-CA!

Ok, so that’s a different song. And I didn’t mean to write the whole thing, I just got started and then wanted to see if I could remember it all! And I can! Yay! BUT. The POINT. The POINT is. The peoples want a post!


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