11 09 2007

Becca and I are moving on Saturday.  It’s official.  There was doubt cast on that plan yesterday, but it’s been cleared up today.  This is very, very good because we made an anouncement at church on sunday, and we arranged for a van.  I of course will not be there.  I’ll be leaving early on Thursday for Oregon and my friend Abby’s wedding.  Mike’s coming with me! 🙂  I don’t want to be worrying about the move while I’m on “vacation”.  So I have alot to do so that all my stuff can be moved without my input or supervision.  Thanks to Erini, I’m taking tomorrow off to get it all done.

Abby’s getting married! (not my roommate, a friend from high school)  I’m a bride’s maid and I’m singing.  I found out last night that I’m not going to be able to rehearse with my accompanist Darren until right before the wedding.   He’s also doing some harmony on the choruses, so there’s all those elements to piece together, my voice, the piano, his voice. Scary. scary. scary.  Oy.  Luckily, Darren’s an old high school friend and we’ve been singing together for a long time.  It’s just scary for me because the accompaniment usually affects how I use my voice.  I’m sure it will go fine.




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