Friendly advice

8 09 2007

If someone (like your mother) gives you some peppers, ask what kind they are and do not assume because they are a none threatening yellow and do not smell spicy that they are in fact not spicy.  This is a very bad idea.  And do not, whatever you do, handle them with your bare hands. If for some reason you do this, and the peppers turn out to be habaneros, this is my advice.

Do not touch your eyes!

Have someone help you take the highest recommended dose of pain relievers immediately, you shouldn’t do it because you’ll spread the oils.

wash your hands in milk, vegetable oil, vodka, and rubbing alcohol, I don’t know if these things will actually help, but some people seem to think they will, and honestly you’re probably at the point right now where you’ll try just about anything.  If you’re brave, some people also say a 1/5 bleach-water mixture will cut the oil.  Do not use straight bleach as some people suggest.  This is just plain stupid.

After this use aloe vera or an anti-bacterial ointment to help ward off possible infections due to weakened skin.

Finally, ice packs or ice-water baths will help cut the pain.

As you’ve probably guessed, I did something really stupid last night.  Unfortunately I didn’t have the pain killers until a couple hours in, and I didn’t try the vodka (didn’t want to waste it).  I don’t know if any of the other things actually helped, because the only thing that really took the pain away was cold, but they may have stopped the damage from continuing.  My hands hurt with the most intense pain I’ve ever experienced anytime I wasn’t icing them for about 6 hours.  I’m not sure how bad the pain would have gotten if I hadn’t had something cold to sooth them.  At one point I tired to just let them go so that I could try to sleep.  I was extremely tired, but after about 10 minutes the pain got so bad I was sobbing, and got up and pulled out a new icepack.  Eventually I went to sleep with my left hand on a block of frozen spinach, my right had calmed down enough to not have to be iced.  I woke up at one point from the pain and had to put my hand back on the spinach, but when I woke up in the morning my hands were only sour and ached at the tips.  The searing pain was gone.  At one point I actually considered going to the ER, but A) there’s nothing they could have done except give me pain killers, and B) it wouldn’t have been worth the money.




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