Ten Random Things about Me

17 08 2007

Bindi tagged me.

1. I have a dark brown birthmark about the size of a quarter on my left leg halfway between my knee and my foot.  My oldest sister has a light brown birthmark on her shoulder, and my other sister has both.  I’ve never heard of birthmarks being hereditary though.

2. I learned to jump horses when I was 11.  But I haven’t been on a horse in years.

3. I love mayonnaise.  I especially like it on fries.  My parents lived in Belgium for a while where they eat fries with mayo and she late passed on the habit to me.  My love of mayo is somewhat of a running joke in my life.  My best friend from childhood love to tell how I used to eat it plain.

4. I’m crazy about balance in decor.  I love things that come in threes.  I don’t care as much about symmetry as I do about a space feeling balanced.  I’ve never studied fung shui or any of the other methods of balancing a room, but I’m sure I’d find it fascinating.  I tend to just follow my instincts.

5. I have a much smaller personal space than most Americans.  a) I’m a physically friendly person, b) I spent formative years in Africa where their personal boundraries are smaller.

6. Forget walking it, I can still cartwheel a line when I’m tipsy.  Comes from all that practicing on a beam.  And with the lowered inhibitions I’ll likely show you if you ask.

7. I’ve never dated a man with brown eyes. 3 blue and 3 green, but no browns.

8. I have a bad habit of snorting really loudly when I laugh too hard.  Then I get all embarrassed.

9. I have tiny feet.  I in High school I thought I was a size 7, turns out I’m more of a size six.  I even have a pair of 5.5, which I bought by accident, but hey, they fit!

10. I usually don’t notice when people call me Steph v. Stephanie, except once when a guy started calling me Steph within minutes of meeting me.  That caught me by surprise.




One response

17 08 2007
bindi nestor

wow! you have seen a lot of the world! And what is this with brown eyes?

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