My first response was WTF!

29 05 2007

I’ve been good.  I’ve been really good.  No searching on facebook.  No looking him up on IM.  And then!  Fate twists in the knife and brings him to me.  Today I received an IM message saying that a peice of mail from my bank for me had come to his new apartment.  How weird is that!  It’s a new debit card.
I realized a while later that there is a good (although still screwy) explaination.  We had a joint checking account while we were engaged, and I’m guessing this is a new card for that account.  But I specifically remember cancelling the account and opening a new one, so this must be some sort of error.

It’s a little bit like the wedding magazines I keep getting several years too late.

We didn’t talk long, but other than the initial shock and fighting the desire to get into a more lengthy conversation, it wasn’t too bad.  It really is a kind of pain that just keeps petering out.




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30 05 2007

I’ve been wondering how I would feel if my ex calls me all of a sudden. I probably would want to catch up with him, but that will only result to more pain and aggravation knowing what I know now.

So Stephanie, how did you feel talking to him? Were you glad you had the chance, just to hear his voice? I figured, it’s like an old wound opening up again…

30 05 2007

Baby steps, it’s all about the baby steps. The only thing that mends a broken heart (or pain in the ass, depends on your point of view) are time and perspective. The amounts of each are different for everyone.

Hang in there.

1 06 2007

April~ I actually had a lengthier chat with him the other day… how do I feel. Well, better than I have in the past; as Tommy said, baby steps. And better than I thought I would. It’s nice to realize that I am indeed moving on with my life. But it did bring old wounds to the forefront. Being rejected and replaced so easily is a hard thing to put behind you. But talking to him also helped me remember why I’m thankful that things ended the way they did instead of the way I thought I wanted them.

Tommy~ Thankyou. That means alot to me.

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