A sunny day in town

19 05 2007

Music: Kiss from a Rose by Seal

Last night Tara, a friend from Goshen, came up to visit and today she, Abby and I slept in, had a leisurely breakfast, sat around talking and interneting and then went out into the sun.  We walked to the farmer’s market which opened in town today, but it was alot further away than we thought, so we got there as most of the booths were tearing down.  So we walked back and had a lovely Thai meal at Cosi noodle and stopped in at a cute boutique where Tara bought a sunny yellow dress and wore it out the shop.  I’m salivating over a cute white top, but it’s a bit pricey for such a simple piece.  I also ran across to The World Market which is my new favorite store!  I got a Goats do Rome rose’ for $5 on clearance and beautiful earrings.  I covet a darkwood carved screen and an amazing desk.  Maybe when we move…

After that we walked down to some shoe shops so Abby could look for shoes for her amazing summer travels.  Then another boutique that I love to go into and dream, but where the dresses start at $100.  On to Jamba Juice before taking the L home.  The entire afternoon was graced by the warm sun,  a gentle breeze and good company.




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