BYU’s alternative commencment

19 04 2007

I think this is cool, and would encourage others to sign the petition.  I probably wouldn’t be as keen on it if the speaker was someone I admired, but I’d hope that I would respect the ideology behind it.

From Rebecca

Dick Cheney is speaking at the BYU commencement (that’s not the good news) and, in an unusual show of rebelliousness, some students and faculty are protesting by holding what C.L. Hanson has deemed “the world’s politest protest” – an alternative commencement (that’s the good news – you can show your support by signing a petition).

Oh, and to read about a pretty scary thing that happened to me yesterday, see my nanny blog.




One response

24 04 2007

as i also lurk on yours:) sounds like your having a great time in chi-town. i’ve considered being a nanny, so it’s fun to read your other blog as well!

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