Would I have stopped?

10 04 2007

I have loved Joshua Bell’s music for several years now, and I found this article very interesting.  Reads a bit like a piece from an academic journal, but it’s worth reading all the way through.  I think the experiment was a bit skewed, but still telling of the society we live in.  Thanks Sarah for the lead.




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10 04 2007

Wow! What an amazing article. I was more struck by how powerful it must have been to experience than the reflection on our society. Maybe people didn’t acknowledge him, but the music could still have touched them. And great music is still great music, regardless of the reaction.

10 04 2007

I read this too off of Sarah’s lead and wow, amazing. I would have loved to hear that experience, although I too don’t know if I would have stopped. I liked how the video reveals that all the children who heard tried to stop, but none of their parents would let them.
I was gonna post this on my blog, but I think you beat me to the punch 🙂

11 04 2007

How depressing. And what a great argument for more music teachers. This started me off on a long and somewhat gloomy train of thought about the state of our society and the lack of appreciation for beauty. Happily, I wound up at the same place as Miriam – great music is still great music. It doesn’t matter if no one stops – simply making music is a treasure in itself.

Hmmm. Now I want to do a post on this.

11 04 2007

This story made me think, not just because it was about Joshua Bell, but because it is sad how we don’t have time to “stop and smell the roses” anymore. Because of our hectic schedules, we seem to overlook the beauty that surrounds us, whether it be a flower, or music.

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