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28 03 2007

I was inspired to write this post by a fellow Goshen grad.

I’ve really gotten into this blogging world in the past few months.  I’ve been keeping up a blog for a few years now, and for a long time it was just a way for me to recount my life for people who cared, and a form of self-expression.  Another way to know myself and be known by others.  But there’s this whole blogging world out there that I hadn’t yet discovered until I moved to wordpress.  I love it!  I’ve found nanny blogs that help me connect with others who spend their days with the wee ones, (I have a nanny blog too) and find that I’m learning things just by reading about their daily experiences.  All of them have kids that are older than mine, so it’s interesting to see where their development is at.  I’ve started religiously reading a blog from women in NY, Canada, and Australia.  I get my daily laughs courtesy of a site dedicated to the funny/stupid things Chicagoans say.  And some people actually read mine!  I can keep up with friends, and even learn things about one of my beloved flatmates that I wouldn’t necessarily hear just hanging around the apartment.  I was also directed to a sweet site that is all about on-line bargains by one of my favorite nanny blogs.  And today I impulse bought this.  I’m such a sucker for dinner and glassware.  I can’t wait to entertain more!  That’s right, this blog is all about the shout outs.




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28 03 2007

My heartfelt thanks for the mention! I religiously (and I mean more than once a day!)
visit all the blogs on my blogroll and yours is one of them. (I swear! You can check your
blogstats. LOL)

But seriously, I admire you for the hurt that you have gone through. Isn’t it funny how
pain makes us all wonderful writers or even poets?

Where is Goshen, by the way? I googled it, but there were a lot of cities with that name here in the US.

29 03 2007
bindi nestor

Nice post!

I love the category ‘internetings’.

I think nannies would have the most to blog about – some of the funny stories they could tell. Kelly nannied once a week for us for 9 years until Sally went to school. We loved her and we still keep in touch. We often reminisce and laugh so much we cry.

29 03 2007

april~ I also check my blogroll several times a day. Usually the girls will nap together at least a little bit, and I’ll check then, and then again when I get home in the evening. Thankyou for your lovely comment! Poetry is actually the way I most enjoy expressing myself when I have strong emotions, although I tend to feel self-conscious about the actual product. Goshen is a small town in northern Indiana with large populations of Mennonites and Hispanics (I’m convinced there’s a connection, but who knows) It is also in what some call “Amish country” and one of the local walmarts has covered hitching posts. It’s not unusual to see a buggy driving down the street. I grew up in the country outside of Goshen until I was 9, and returned on my own for college. Since then, my parents and two of my sisters and their families have moved back to the area. I wouldn’t be surprised if I eventually move back. There’s a wonderful community feel to the town.

bindi~ have you noticed how I totally stole your style of replying to people’s comments? imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? I do have some really funny stories about being a nanny, but I always forget to write about them. I think I’ll have more as the girls get older as well.

29 03 2007
bindi nestor

That’s great. It’s much more fun when you reply! Heaps of other bloggers do it so I can’t really take credit.

Interesting about your town. Have you posted any scenery shots here yet?

29 03 2007
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