All the single men our age are in Goshen!

22 03 2007

according to city-data, there are alot more men in my age group than woman in Goshen. Girls, we should go back.




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22 03 2007

Oh hush, I think you have alternative motives. 🙂

Also, isn’t a possible explanation for this data that the girls are all moving away to find more interesting men, while the men who are staying are just working factory jobs? Sounds like a charming bunch…

23 03 2007

Seriously? I’ve just been wondering where all the 20- something guys are. Certainly not in the places in Goshen that I frequent!

23 03 2007
bindi nestor

Love the graph! Stats make me laugh! well , not the stats per se but you gorgeous interpretations.

There seem to be a lot of 20 something men in Melbourne and Sydney in Australia. I have been propositioned by a few recently and I’m 43 and married with 4 kids, so maybe there is a shortage here of 20 something women?

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