Thinking back and feeling old hurts

21 02 2007

Music: Bring me to life by Evanescence

Mike recently put this song on a mix for me. The ironic thing? Jesse had put it on the mix he made me while I was still in Oregon. Both of them told me I “brought them out” in different ways. Humm…

Jesse and Suzi are getting married on Saturday. I knew this was coming, althought I didn’t know the date until today.

Honestly? It’s still hard. Yes, I’ve moved on with Mike. I’ve done a whole hell of a lot of healing in the last year and a half. Close girlfriends, a new relationship and the hope and healing that brings, and a summer of counciling have brought me a long way. (although the later hasn’t helped my credit card balance) So why do I still feel the hurt so viserally at times? When does that go away? When do I get to be completely whole again.

I feel so many things about this wedding. I don’t think I’ve had so many mixed emotions about an event before. But I will be far away in Seattle having fun with my girlfriends.




One response

23 02 2007

SEATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!! be sure to get to gasworks. what a view. and scarecrow video. and pike street. and and, oh i hope you love it! and give my love to meryl.

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