27 01 2007

Today Becca, Abby and I went to see “Dreamgirls” after a scrumptious lunch at Cozy Noodle. It was amazing (the movie and the lunch, but mostly the movie). I don’t cry during movies, I just don’t. I might tear up a little, but I don’t actually cry. I cried. Through the whole last 15 minutes. There’s something about music, especially good musical theater that just moves me. I can’t explain it, but I’m more likely to tear up over a good emotional song than a tear-jerker movie. Sometimes, I wish that I had the drive and the talent to make it on broadway. How cool would that be. To be able to move and inspire people through song. That would be amazing. There are times when I really miss singing to an audience. There’s an energy I get when I know that I’ve connected with people and they’ve taken something away from a performance, even if that’s just a moment of happiness. To see people’s faces light up because of you! Now that may be the hight of narcissism (I thought this wikipedia entry was interesting), but it’s amazing.

I went to a salsa dancing lesson last night! It was at this little boutique near us, and there weren’t alot of people there, but it was still a blast. I think I’ll go again. I miss dancing so much when I’m not doing it on a regular basis. I got to show the store owner’s son the basics. He’s a junior at a school in southern Cali, and it was SO refreshing to talk to someone my own age (or close enough) that I don’t know. We’re finding it hard to connect with people from our peer group, which is frustrating, but tomorrow we’re inviting a few people from church home for lunch. Night ya’ll.




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3 02 2007

And you don’t think that people faces light up because of you. I think that there are some people you live with and two little girls that might have something to say about that…not to metion some Boy.
Just a thought,

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