Just thinking

22 01 2007

I’m sitting here listening to Buddy Greene sing a beautiful ballad called “Looking for Suzanne”, waiting for Liz to wake up, and thinking. There’s so much unknown in life. So much that could go wrong. So much you could kill yourself worrying about. And I think it might be in my blood to do that, but I really don’t want to. I want to learn to take life in stride. I’m tired of worrying. My mind is always in tomorrow, or next month or next year. Or more like two weeks from now, three months from now, and a year and a half from now (the common denominator here is Mike). Why is it so impossible for me to live in today. Why is the person I want to be and the life I want to live an all consuming passion that obliterates my ability to enjoy who I am and the life I live. There is so much to be joyful about right now. Will obsessing about my future help me achieve what I want? Maybe. Is it worth what I lose now. Nope. If I had a new years resolution “carpe diem” would be it.

So the Indy Colts are playing the Chicago Bears. Good thing I don’t care about football. Shhh… don’t let anyone around this city hear me say that!




One response

23 01 2007

You know what’s funny I have lived in both cities from which these superbowl teams are from. And what’s even better is that I don’t give a darn either.

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