Long distance

19 01 2007

Music: Dixie Chicks, If I fall you’re goin’ down with me

Mike’s coming tonight which I’m thrilled about. I’m going downtown to meet him right after work. Thank goodness for the express purple line! But here’s the thing… he can only stay till early Sunday morning. Two nights and a day. Not much time. That will make a grand total of 3.5 days I’ll be seeing Mike this month. I’m really bad at this long distance thing. Ok, actually I’m good at it in terms of the fact that I can deal with it, and the relationship is still healthy, and I do enjoy it. But I hate not seeing him so much! I don’t even pretend that it doesn’t completely suck. Next month is going to be even worse because he’s not going to be available on weekends till after the mainstage. Oh and I have a really painful open sore on my finger that won’t heal because I wash my hands all the time on the job. Woe is me! 😉




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