He got it!

18 01 2007

Mike got the part! I was thrill when I found out. And I know the girl who’s playing his love interest. She’s the little sister of one of my friends and I’ve gone to church with her since I came to Goshen, so I’m not really intimidated by that. I’m not sure I would have been anyway, but who knows. I’m going to have to get used to this aren’t I… Now seeing him kiss someone else would suck, but not too bad.

In other news, last night the apartment girls, Becca’s mom and I all went to the local Ethiopian restaurant and it was fantastic. I was worried that it would be too spicy, but it wasn’t at all, and it was all so flavorful. Yum. Then Jess’ friend Beth picked Jess, Abby and I up and we went down Clark street to a really sweet restaurant/bar/coffee shop where a folk concert was taking place. And you’d never believe who was performing and how I made the connection that I know her (sort of). Her name’s Rachel Ries and her family and my family were really good friends when we lived in Zaire. Now I didn’t really know them because I was a baby, but she was 3 when I was born and she said she remembered me, or more specifically, she remembers “the little H…….. baby”. And I put the connection together based solely on her last name and the fact that she has some sort of Mennonite connection because Abby saw her at Mennofolk. Ok, so that’s not that incredible, but I was really hesitant to ask her. What a small world we live in. She has a gorgeous voice. It reminds me of Fiona Apple’s. So that was fun, but we stayed up too late talking (about love and kids and sexual orientation) when we got home, so today I’m tired. But it’s another day with the girls. Right now Liz is sleeping and Rose is staring off into space falling asleep.




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