Making up for lost time

19 11 2006

I’m not going to try to do an update. There’s just too much to say. I have a new job. I have 6 more days with Anthony and Jordan. I’m ready to move on. It’s hard though.

Beginning in January I’ll be taking care of two little girls. Liz is 5 months old and Rose is 3 1/2 months. I’ll be taking care of them atLiz’s house, and Liz’s mom works from home, so I won’t be totally alone if things fall apart for some reason. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. It’s going to be a big challenge. It’ll be like raising twins that are at slightly different developmental stages. Both girls are darling. Blond hair and blue eyes. They look almost like they could be sisters. They don’t look a thing like me, so it’ll be funny when people think they’re mine. I got that with the boys too, and it’s much more believable that I have an infant than a 4 year old, although I think when I have both girls, people will realize that I couldn’t be the mother of both unless I had a double uterus or something strange like that.

I spent the day in my pjs. Such a lazy day. I should have gone for a walk, but I did some hand washing and cleaned up in my room instead. The girls and I made pizza sandwiches and watched about 45 minutes of The New World before we decided that we were so bored with it that we didn’t want to watch it anymore. We’ve got a busy week ahead of us. We’re going to have between 14 and 16 people for Thanksgiving dinner and then 4 more for dessert. It’ll be pretty crazy, but fun. Then off to Goshen for the weekend. Thanksgiving with Mike’s family on Friday, and a refresher on infant care with my mom down at my sister’s.

Life’s slipping away so fast. I want to speed it up and slow it down at the same time. Mostly, right now I’m just happy. There are always things I’d change about my life if I could, but I’m starting to be able to see that not changing those things is ok, but changing one or two is possible. One step at a time. One step at a time.




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