Color my world beautiful

25 08 2006

Music: flowers in December by Mazzy Star

Yesterday was the day from hell with the boys. It was just bad. I felt like crying as I left. I don’t like getting them in trouble, but they were so disruptive and just refused to listen. I don’t like being a bitchy babysitter. It was rainy. That didn’t help, and they hadn’t had enough sleep, that also didn’t help.

But I got to have a lovely drive back to Goshen with Abby and then relax in a certain comfortable pair of arms, so life was good again and I regained my faith in my childcare abilities.

So today Abby and I bought paint for our apartment…. we also found out that we may not be able to move in next weekend. Not good. We find out for sure on Monday. But whatever. We’ll get it at some point, and the longer we have to wait the more time we have to paint.

To see the colors that Abby and I picked, select launch color visualizer and search for the color name.

The kitchen is lemon twist

The bathroom is alot like sapphire, but better

The living/diningroom is tomato red

Jess and my bedroom is great green




One response

25 08 2006

Well, done:)I like all the colors and can’t wait to start painting!

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