Being a nanny

23 08 2006

It’s tiring working for almost 12 hours. And constantly having to match wits with someone a third of your age. It’s tiring always being worried that something terrible’s going to happen to one of the boys and you’re going to go to jail for negligence. It’s tiring feeling like you’re going to make a major social nanny faux pas every time you step out the door. But I actually think I’m going to like being a nanny. It’ll get better next week when they start school. I’ll have some breaks in the chaos.

We get to move in on Sept. 1st, but we thought we knew which apartment we were getting, but it not the right one, and I really liked it, so I’m hoping I like this one better or just as much as the one we saw. Well, Abby just told me some stuff that makes me think that it won’t… no dining room, just a living room. Whatever, I’m just excited about living with the girls and that’s good enough.

There’s a inexpensive sushi place close to the apartment and my work! City living has its perks.




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