A new job, a new stage of life

16 08 2006

Becca, Abby and I drove up to Evanston yesterday. We took lakeshore drive and it made me excited about living in Chicago. Then we picked up Jess and went to a fun little place called the Lucky Platter. We got to see our apartment. It’s going to be sweet. I’m so excited about living with these girls! We also got to see Luke for a little while. I hadn’t seen him all summer, and it was good to do a bit of catching up. We walked down to the lake and on our way back we were oohhing and aahhing over the castle-houses when we ran into some discard furniture on the side of the street. There was a hide-a-bed couch in good conditions. After a little debating, we grabbed the cushions per Jess’ suggestion and then went back later to pick up the rest. So now we have two couches and a futon. We’re so set when it comes to furniture. We’re actually going to be able to be choosey. The evening was topped off with a quick phone call from Mike. Ah such sweet topping. 😉

Today was my first day of work. i biked there. Which reminds me, I need to look up proper biking etiquette for the city. I also need to buy myself a bike. I’m going to be biking to work probably all year long because it’s less than a mile from our apartment to their house, so I wouldn’t be on the bus long enough to make it worth taking. I’d probably be outside for a shorter amount of time just biking than walking to the bus station and then waiting for the bus etc.

So today went pretty well. Anthony the younger of the two had some difficulty listening near the end of the day, but overall they’re good kids. Evanston’s going to ROCK!




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17 08 2006

It’s so good to hear that Steph. I’m glad things are starting out well!

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