Stressed but oh so glad to be alive!

9 08 2006

Music: Swallow by Wailin’ Jennys

Today, Lenora, Tobias and I went to Indiana Beach as a belated grad present. We’ve been planning on going all summer, but this was the first opportunity that we actually had. The plan was to go to the water park, but what started out as a sunny day quickly turned overcast and rainy and cold, so we rode the other rides instead. I didn’t ride alot of them, because coasters really aren’t my thing, but I still had fun, mostly because I was hanging out with my sister who I’ve adored since I was capable of the emotion. We got home around 5:30 and I turned around and headed north to Fallon’s house with Phoebe to work on music for the review. It was a blast talking with Phoebe on the way up and down. She really is an amazing woman. And of course there was the singing 😀 And Fallon’s maniac kitten. Tomorrow’s going to be a full day, and then Andre’ and Dancy will be here, and I’ll be busy with family stuff, then the review, and the dunes on Sunday, crazy packing on Monday and leaving on Tuesday. And then I’ll officially be a nanny! Ekk!

Come to the review: Friday and Saturday at 7:00 at New World




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