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5 08 2006

Music: Some Good Thing from Wailin Jennys new cd Firecracker!! 🙂

I’m an emotional wreck the last couple days. Highs, lows, longings, confusion. And there’s no concrete reason for any of it (well, that can be debated, most girls would know what I meant) I feel like a big mass of loose ends that I don’t have the motivation to tie up. I just want a rest from the responsibility and the going. One day just to relax and not feel guilty about it.

I found something out recently that’s hard. I know it shouldn’t affect me the way it does, at the same time, no one would blame me for feeling weird about it. It hurts. It makes me angry. It’s not fair. But I’m happy with what I have. More than happy! Ecstatic. So why…




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9 08 2006

wish I could give you a hug darling:)

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