An Update

4 08 2006

Well, since I’ve been silent for so long, I have alot to talk about.

I have a job! Yippy! I got the nanny job. The family lives about 2 miles from where we’re going to be, and there are two boys, 4 and 7. I start Aug. 16 and it’ll be M-Th 7-6:30. Long days, but 3 day weekends. I like the trade off. It’s going to be a challenging job, but I’m excited about that.

The apartment is also working out, although we won’t be able to move in until the last week of Aug./labor day weekend. It’s going to be a three bedroom 🙂 I’m so excited about moving in with these girls. It’s going to be a blast. I’m not looking forward to having to pack up all my stuff, but o, well.

My sisters and I went out for supper last night, and it was great to spend time with them. I’m going to miss seeing my family as much as I have been this summer and this last semester. It’s been great watching Shemaya grow and spending more time with Karis’ kids.

Today was my last day of internship, and I’m kind of sad that it’s over. I really loved working with my teacher, and the kids were sweet. I learned so much more in the second half of my internship than the first, and in some ways, the contrast between the two was a really good educational tool. Waterford was more organized, my teacher was more motivated and worked better with the kids, and overall I felt more involved.

Things with Mike are good 🙂 There’s not much else to say with that other than the fact that we’re both a little nervous about this upcoming separation, but that we both feel that it’s a challenge worth attempting. He makes me happy.

Aug. 11 and 12 there’s going to be a Broadway review at New World that I’ve been helping to put together. It been stressful getting it all worked out, but I really think it’s going to work out and that it will be a fun time for all involved (I’m crossing my fingers). If you’re in the area, you should come. It starts at 7 and costs $5.




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