A wonderful weekend

26 06 2006

I was right! Friday was a good day. I got a really cute haircut with red highlights. Work went fine and I was actually out of there by 8:15 because it was a really slow night. Low tips, but that was ok. Then I visited Abby for a while and spent the rest of the evening relaxing at home. I’m working on a blanket for Karis. Saturday I cleaned house, and Mary and Glenn invited me to have lunch with them. Then off to Syracuse for Carla’s bridal shower. She’s getting married next week! I went rollerblading for a while and stopped and visited Megan. The evening consisted of Settlers with Jonathan and Emily, I (heart) Huckabees, and some quality time with Mike :-D. (we were hungry so we went to steak and shake. Thank goodness for 24/7 restaurants) Sunday consisted of church, a delicious meal with my small group, coffee with Mary Y.H., Over the Hedge and Red Lobster with Abby and Crystal, and games with Jeff B. Jonathan and Mike. Somewhere in there I got kids books from Karis’ and planned the lessons for today! It was a busy and enjoyable weekend overall. I didn’t get enough done though. I should have worked on one of my classes, and maybe e-mailed Meryl and Dan and Abby G. and…. erk, so much to do so little time.




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