A Busy Summer?

13 06 2006

Music: Such Great Heights by Postal Service

So today I made bread with Becca, and worked at the Bluegill, and had an interview at Hacienda. I got the job. I start training next tuesday and then work and my internship will become life. I’ll be working alot. Not sure this is what I want, but if I’m going to afford to help pay rent for August then it’s going to have to happen. Ick. It felt nice to see how much he wanted me to work for him. He wasn’t sure he wanted to hire me because I’d be leaving in a few months, but he did anyways because he thought I’d be an asset. So anywho, those of you in Goshen may not see as much of me anymore this summer (not that I’ve been seeing people a whole lot anyways).




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